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Intuition or Fear?

A constant feeling of apprehension is quite common in anxious people. It feels as an almost permanent state of uneasiness and an inability to relax, like if one is expecting something bad to happen at any moment. Apprehension can involve; guilt, indecisiveness, agony, worry, or doubt. These are all fear related emotions. Very frequently, apprehension gets confused with intuition. Those frequently afflicted by fear, may think that these feelings are brought by a premonition or an intuition that something is going to go wrong. Apprehension paralyzes people and holds them from making decisions. Responding to the voice and sensations of fear, makes them think they are making the right move to avoid a possible catastrophe. Operating from this principle, they may often reject situations and opportunities which may be favorable to them. The overall energy frequency of fear causes further confusion and chaos that leads to negative outcomes and conflicts with others. In the face of negative consequences, apprehensive people confirm the theory that bad things will happen to them, and then reinforce their condition of chronic anxiety. The voice of intuition may use the same language as the voice of fear. Like fear, intuition speaks to us through our sensory system, in the form of symptoms and emotions. A message of caution from intuition, may manifest as a sensation of uneasiness in your body, muscle tension, anxiety, sweat, and at times even illness. If you are very vulnerable or desperate, you may choose to ignore those signs and continue moving on against the current. Ignoring the initial signs of intuition, will get you deeper and blinder into the situation, causing a block in the flow of communication between your soul and your body. Sometimes, we develop addictions to numb ourselves and become deaf to our inner voice. When we stay in stressful or unsatisfying interactions for a long time, our bodies become ill. At times, people can develop chronic or fatal illnesses as result of sustaining grief and fear in their hearts from an unfruitful relationship or environment. I have met people who have developed skin reactions, allergies, digestive disorders, and genital infections from their continued interaction with people and situations which are misaligned with their path.

In good situations, intuition may give you a feeling of “go ahead”. You may feel a sudden excitement and a high sense of confidence. Your body feels good and your mind clear. Things fall into place and obstacles are removed. Signals may come to you through dreams, books, movies, other people’ events, and all sorts of coincidences. You may be asking yourself now; how do I know if the signals come from fear or intuition? The answer is in the quality of your emotions. Any situation which produces discomfort and uneasiness in your body, may be one to be avoided or paused to explore further. Conversely, any situation that produces a sensation of safety and joy may be one to be embraced and followed. Do not confuse joy for pleasure. Joy comes from the heart and pleasure from physical satisfaction. A situation may bring pleasure to your body but not necessarily be good for you. Quite often, your body and your spirit disagree. Those situations or interactions which are difficult and present obstacles, are to be let go of, and those which come naturally and effortless, are to be followed. Do not mistake this for being lazy or not trying. The concept here is to transcend your existence from a state of struggle to one of natural flow. When obstacles get in your way, instead of getting mad and frustrated with the circumstances, ask yourself “what is this trying to teach me?”. Is it guiding me to a different path? may there be other alternatives I am not seeing now? The path to the voice of our intuition must be clear, otherwise, we may confuse irrational fears for intuition. When this is the case, we make poor judgement and therefore, poor choices. A great number of people feel confident that they are following their intuition, when in fact, they make most decisions based on their fears and past traumas. Our safety is more guaranteed by sharpening our intuition rather than keeping ourselves on alert mode and anticipating the worse in every situation. We live in a world of duality. If your most used vibrational frequency is fear based, you will assess situations and make choices based on irrational fears, and yet, you may call it intuition. In like manner, you may reject a person or situation which is good to you when you operate from the vibration of fear. As we become more aligned with mind, body, and spirit, our intuition becomes sharpened. When we travel through life with an accurate and reliable intuition, our journey is much more joyful and safe. On the other hand, if we are misaligned and our nervous system is in a state of chaos, we block our intuition and instead, we rely on our fear-based, primitive response, to assess the environment and to make decision on people and situations. As we go through life, making choices according to a fear-based guiding system, we obey to the laws of the ego and will continue attracting and co-producing the same conditions and experiences that cause us pain, fear, and illness. To attract good things into our lives, we must listen to our intuition or inner voice. Our intuition is to our spirit what our immune system is to our body. When you eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly, your immune system functions at optimal potential and produces the perfect pharmacy to protect you and heal you from attackers. Equally, when you stay connected with your inner voice and remain truthful to yourself, your intuition is sharp and clear. It becomes an effective radar system to detect the signals and guide you on the right path. Your immune system and intuition are intertwined. One represents your physical body, the other represents your spiritual body, and they feed of each other. Balance of mind, body, and spirit nourishes both systems simultaneously.

Iris Pitaluga, M.S., LMHC

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