Your Growth is the Goal



This practice is committed to providing insight and support for those seeking assistance with mental and emotional health and wellness. My training and experience covers a broad range of services including anxiety, depression, anger management, addictions, marriage counseling, grief counseling and stress management. To help clients attain their goals, I draw from a variety of treatment approaches including cognitive behavioral, existential, and psychodynamic therapy.

Education, awareness and hard work are key components of success. Progress requires exploring the subconscious to identify thoughts, habits and reactions that are rooted in faulty or irrational beliefs. It is then that new, healthier strategies can be implemented to cope with life's challenges. I am committed to supporting my clients through this process and empowering them to make changes, grow personally, and improve relationships.

What is psychotherapy?

As the pace of modern life becomes increasingly fast and technology intrudes on our daily routines, the interplay of work, family and leisure can become increasingly difficult to manage. Time becomes a rare commodity, and the mind, unable to cope with these stresses, may succumb to psychological distress.

Depression, anxiety, disorders of attention, and addiction are oftentimes misunderstood by both loved ones and society at large, and many times this misunderstanding can lead to further distress. However, viewed from a psychological perspective, these disorders serve a survival function. A mental health therapist's purpose is to help the patient or client discover the function of this maladaptive mental response and guide him or her to formulate new ways of coping. 

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